Product Warranty and Repair Policy Concrete Curbing

1. Warranty
Advanced Curb Design LLC. ("Advanced Curb Design") warrants that the goods described in this warranty are
free from defects in workmanship and materials.

2. Covered Goods
Unless otherwise indicated at time of sale, this
warranty covers all of Advanced Curb Design's installed concrete curbing and garden edging ("Covered Goods").

3. Duration of Warranty
The warranty provided in Section 1 hereof is valid for the following warranty period ("Warranty
Period"). For sales made by Advanced Curb Design to a landscape contractor, home builder or directly to a customer,
this Warranty Period shall be two (2) years for standard products installed after Jan 1 2022 and one (1) year for installs prior to Jan 1 2022 and shall begin when the Covered Goods are installed and invoiced.

4. Parties To Whom This Warranty Extends
This warranty extends to the following parties only ("Covered Party"): (a) customers to whom
Advanced Curb Design directly sells Covered Goods; and is the original purchaser of Covered Goods who purchased such
Covered Goods directly from Advanced Curb Design.

5. Repair Policy And Procedure
In the event of a defect,
malfunction or other failure of the Covered Goods not caused by any
of those items set forth in Section 6 below ("Excluded Items"), Advanced Curb Design shall remedy such
failure or defect, without charge to the Covered Party, within a reasonable time (weather depending). The remedy
will consist of repair or replacement of the Covered Goods, or refund of the purchase price for the liner foot of specific section needing repair, at
Advanced Curb Design's sole discretion.

If the repair is not covered under this warranty, an evaluation fee will be charged;

If no defect or other problem is found to exist, or if the customer elects not to repair the product, the evaluation fee will be charged; and
The evaluation fee will be waived if a new curbing is purchased.
Once curbing is evaluated, the customer will be notified of the problem, warranty status and the
cost (if any). Advanced Curb Design shall provide this notice by telephone or by way email, if requested by the customer. Repairs shall be made only if authorized by the customer.
Unless otherwise provided in writing by Advanced Curb Design, Advanced Curb Design warrants
all replaced curbing made under this warranty for a period of nine (9) months from the date the repair
is completed and or for the remainder of the original Warranty Period whichever is longer.

6. Excluded Items
This warranty does not cover damage, malfunction or other failure of the goods (collectively
"Damage") caused by any misuse or damage of the produce while in the possession of the
purchaser, including but not limited to the following ("Excluded Items"):
a. Damage caused by people. Children or adults.
b. Damage caused by animals. Pets or wild animals.
c. Damage caused by ground settling or ground movement from tree roots, bushes, landscape items or winter frost.
d. Damage caused by reinstalling of and or any landscape work or tools, (wheelbarrowing, rakes, shovels, hammers, machines)
f. Damage caused by "acts of god" rain, hail, wind, wild animals. efflorescence (a condition caused by temperature swings that leave a white residue on the curbing), or any other "act of god" condition.
g. Damage caused by any type of vehicle auto, truck, ATV, tractor, motorcycle, lawn mower, or any landscape maintaining equipment.
h. Damage caused by exceeding any other specifications of the product;
i. Modification, alteration, repair or service of the product by anyone other than Advanced Curb Design